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How to buy baby clothes?

As first time parents, most feel puzzled about how to stock up their baby's clothing cabinet. Here are several nice tips on shopping for baby clothing that will save you money and time:

  • Do not buy more than 2-4 pairs of each outfit, as babies can grow out of clothes faster than you think. Make sure you have 2-4 pairs of pajamas, vests, onesies, and infant gowns ready before your baby arrives.
  • Choose soft fabrics such as cotton, fleece, or cotton-polyester blends until the baby's cord stump falls off. Make sure that your baby's outfit does not irritate his/her skin. Choose clothing that allows for easy diaper access.
  • Invest in outfits that come with wide head openings and loose-fitting around the legs. Look for clothing that has snaps at the shoulder or at the crotch to make it more easy for your baby.

From rompers and bodysuits to footwear, jewelry, and baby accessories, we have the whole deal under one roof. Visit our collection of baby dresses in Chicago today.

Start shopping for your baby today!

Most new parents look forward to shopping for their baby the moment they find out they are pregnant. However, we suggest that you wait until the end of your first trimester before you shop for baby clothing which is also around the same time you break the news to your friends and family.

We also recommend that you start clothes shopping after the 20th-week mark so that you can shop based on the gender of your baby. If you are one of those parents who wish to find the gender with the birth of your baby, you can always shop for unisex baby clothes in neutral colors like shades of green, grey and yellow. We sell a whole range of cute and inexpensive baby clothing, visit our shop today.

Photoshoot ideas for infants and toddlers

Kids grow up in the blink of an eye, capturing your little ones at every stage of their growth can give priceless mementos that you can treasure forever. Make sure that these photoshoots capture your child's unique personality. Carry your child's favorite toys with you to the photo-shoot session as these pictures can be a great way to show them their childhood friends after they have grown up.

Include your pets in these photo-shoots so that you can frame these pictures and hang them in your homes to showcase the special bond between the pet and your child. Another inexpensive photo set-prop is to use balloons; these are not only cheap but are easy to buy and can add color and zeal to your photographs. We offer amazing stations for kid’s photo-shoots at Waterlemon. Call us for bookings. For unique designs and comfortable baby dresses in Chicago, visit our shop today.