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How do I dress my newborn baby?

When you dress a new-born, make sure that your baby feels cozy, comfortable, and airy. Onesies are the most common and safest outfit for new-borns. These outfits come with snaps at the shoulder or the crotch, allowing you to change diapers without having to remove the baby's entire outfit every time.

Another option is to dress your baby up in a wrap-style shirt. During the several first weeks of your baby’s life, wrap style shirts are much easier on the baby's umbilical cord stump and allow free-flow of air to the stump accelerating the process of healing. Buy pants that come with built-in feet/socks; thereby, you don't have to spend extra time washing and drying 'n' number of baby socks.

Opt for lightweight onesies during summers and add a layer of the t-shirt over the onesie during winters. At our kids play clothing store in Chicago, we offer different varieties and colors of clothing for new-born babies. Visit our store today.

Dressing up your baby in winters

As a general rule of thumb dress up your baby exactly the way you dress and then add an extra layer, this rule applies to all seasons. Some of the winter clothing choice for your baby can include long-sleeved bodysuits, hoodies, and sweaters, snowsuits or bunting, or simply cover them up with a blanket.

During cold winters dress your baby with a regular onesie and top it with a layer of clothing that consists of fleece. Ensure that you cover your babies’ hands and feet with woolen mittens and socks. Take extra care when you put your baby to sleep in the winter months. Most moms try to add too many layers to keep their baby warm, which can overheat the baby and, in worst-case scenarios, lead to SIDS. Keep it simple by covering your baby with a bodysuit and footed-PJs. Top that with a simple cotton blanket to keep your baby warm and toasty all night long. Visit our clothing store today to check out our winter collections.

How can I remove stains from baby clothes?

Stains from food spills and soiling are common in baby clothing. An effective method to treat stains is to soak your baby's clothes overnight in a bucket of water with a baby-friendly stain remover. Following morning, scrub the stain on the clothing using your hand with the help of a gentle brush, this should help remove stains. If nothing works, the good old baking soda or lemon can always get the job done. Treat the stain with 1/4th tsp. of baking soda or 1 tsp. of lemon juice and scrub the area to eliminate stains.

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