Waterlemon is a leading children's boutique in chicago that offers a wide range of latest and trendy children clothing. We also have a safe and fully-equipped indoor play area for kids under the age of five.

Tips for picking children's clothing

Shopping for kids clothing requires care and thoughtfulness to ensure that your child is safe and comfortable in the clothing that you buy. These are some useful tips for your next shopping trip for kids clothing:

  1. Choose soft fabrics - If you are shopping for newborns or infants, you must choose baby-friendly fabrics. These include cotton, cotton/polyester blends, cotton/spandex blends, or fleece. These fabrics are soft on your baby's skin, does not cause rashes, allergies, or redness.
  2. Choose loose-fitting clothes - Children are incredibly active, and they tend to sweat a lot, especially while playing. Kids clothing that is loose-fitting and well-ventilated can keep them more comfortable, which is ideal if you live in hot areas.
  3. Choose the right colors - Dressing up your kids in the right colors can amp up their cuteness to a whole another level. At our children's boutique in chicago, we have a whole collection of clothing for boys and girls in attractive pastel colors besides the usual blues and pinks for baby clothes.

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What fabric is best for children's clothing?

Safety, comfort, and ease of care should be the top criteria to consider before buying kids clothing. If you are shopping for everyday children's wear, choose fabrics like cotton, linens, and cotton-blends. These are easy to wash and are soft on your baby's skin. Baby rompers and overalls that consist of soft and fine wale corduroy are best for everyday use.  Another kid-friendly fabric is broadcloth, which looks great on all children’s garments and is 100% cotton or cotton/ polyester blends.

For babies with highly sensitive skin, opt for versatile terry cloth. During hot months, choose lightweight batiste fabric on the contrary during winters, dress up your baby in polyester fleece fabrics as these can keep your baby cozy and warm all day long. Gingham and Seersucker are also great fabrics that are children-friendly. From dresses and tutus for girls to jackets and vests for boys, we have all varieties of children’s outfit. Visit us today.

How quickly do babies grow out of clothes?

Babies grow out of their clothes faster than you think. To be on the safer side, always buy clothes that are a size bigger than their current age.  For example, if your child is 14 months old, choose clothing that is for 18 - 24 months. This way your baby can comfortably wear the outfit for the next year, and you don't have to go shopping for kids clothing often.

For affordable kids clothing, visit our children's' boutique in chicago today. At Waterlemon, we also have a fully-equipped indoor play area to entertain your kids while you shop in peace.