Whether your kids need new outfits for dance recitals, Halloween costumes or just casual wear, Waterlemon’s got tutu's for any occasion! You can get creative with our selection of tutus and dresses to create fun, new looks. We’ve got a range of sizing to suit kids of various heights and ages.

What colors and sizing do tutus come in?

Our range of tutus come in a variety of bright colors like bubblegum pink, mermaid mint, lilac, burgundy red, ivory, white, gold, and colorful rainbow tutu. We also have a black tutu with little white stars. The material is soft, fluffy tulle, and some of them have sequins or glitter pin dots.

We cater to different age groups with our sizings, such as for newborns (0-12 months), infants (1-2 years), and toddlers (2-6 years). The newborn sizing is 7 inches, infant sizing is 9 inches, and the toddler sizing is 12 inches in length. The price of all our tutus is $20.

We also have a range of kids’ skirts and dresses to choose from with fun, colorful prints, and unique designs. Whether you’re looking for a pretty flower print dress or a navy, striped print dress, we have a selection of fabulous designs to choose from.

What can you wear a tutu with?

Tutus aren’t just for ballet classes or costumes, they are versatile, and you can work them for just about every occasion. For example, you can pair them with a sweater or T-shirt for a cute casual look. You can even try pairing them with a cute biker jacket or a graphic print T-shirt for an edgier look for your tot!

For a cute winter day look, pair a tutu with a long-sleeved sweater or shirt and a pair of leg warmers. In addition to tutu's, we also sell onesies, rompers, and bodysuits. Check out our website for our full kids’ clothing collections!

Great costume ideas you can incorporate tutus into

Tutus add a cute, stylish and fun element to any costume. Looking for a new Halloween costume for your little one? Why not try pairing our black stars tutu with a black T-shirt or vest, a sleek updo hairstyle, a pearl necklace and a cute pair of shades to channel Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

You could also work our rainbow-colored tutu with a colorful shirt for a unicorn themed event. Are you going for a princess-themed look? You can try pairing our sky-blue tutu with a blue top and a glittery tiara to channel Cinderella or Elsa! Try another fairytale twist with our burgundy-red tutu and a red top to look like Little Red Riding Hood.

You could also use our black and burgundy tutus with a bit of creativity to make a superhero-themed costume. You could try Bat Girl with a black tutu or the Incredibles with the red tutu.

At Waterlemon, we have a fantastic selection of tutu's to choose from for your kids. They are great for costumes for Halloween, school plays or dance classes.