Waterlemon Kids, LLC

Assumption of Risk, Waiver,  Release from Liability and Photo Release

I understand and acknowledge that inherent risks and hazards may be present by participating in the activities, events, parties, experiences, and overall use of the facility known as Waterlemon Kids, LLC, located on 25 South La Grange Road, La Grange, IL, 60525.

Such risks, by way of example, but without limitation, may include: illness, negligence or bullying by other participants, risk of loss, property damage, collisions with other participants and equipment, slipping, tripping, falling, bodily injury or harm, permanent disability, paralysis, and death.

On the behalf of the participant(s) under my care, that enter the space, as well as their executors, heirs, and successors do hereby acknowledge, understand, and agree to the following:

  1. I hereby certify that I am the parent, caretaker, legal guardian, or responsible party of the participant who enters the premises with me and I have authority to waive rights on behalf of the minor participant.
  2. I and the children utilizing the space have no illness, or condition that will affect the health, or safety of other guests.
  3. I understand that I, and the participants I am responsible for, named or unnamed on this document, are not required to use the space, and we do so voluntarily in lieu of the aforementioned potential risks, known and unknown, to me or my personal property, or to them and their personal property, and assume full responsibility for such hazards and risks by entering the facility and play area.
  4. I understand that the employees of Waterlemon Kids, LLC are not responsible for the participants who utilize the space and it is the responsibility of the undersigned individual to supervise any minors they bring into the facility.
  5. Waterlemon Kids, LLC shall not be liable for any injury, including but not limited to those resulting from the absence of adult supervision, as well as any child leaving the space without a parent, or caregiver.
  6. I understand that the security cameras installed around and within the facility are for the safety of all participants and may be referenced should any incidents or injuries occur.
  7. I grant Waterlemon Kids, LLC permission to use any photographs, video, or sound bites obtained of the minor(s)/child(ren) in my care at Waterlemon’s facility for any legal use including but not limited to: publicity, copyright purposes, illustrations, advertising, and web content. Furthermore, I understand that no royalty fee or other compensation shall become payable to me or the minor(s)/child(ren) by reason of such use.
  8. I understand that I am solely responsible for any medical, health, or personal injury costs relating to my use of Waterlemon Kids, LLC and its facilities.
  9. Waterlemon Kids, LLC reserves the right to refuse admission at their discretion, and for any reason.
  10. I agree that I shall comply with all posted safety signs, rules, and verbal instructions as conditions for participation and activities at Waterlemon Kids, LLC.
  11. I understand Waterlemon Kids, LLC reserves the right to revoke or terminate my use of the facility for any violation of rules, regulations, verbal instructions, or policies. I understand that violating policies and guidelines may result in a forfeiture of any money paid towards the use of the space, without a refund.
  12. I, and the children under my care, understand and agree to the safety rules and play guidelines as outlined on waterlemonkids.com. I acknowledge that these rules and guidelines may change and that I have read and am familiar with them prior to entering the play space and making use of the facility.


  1. A waiver must be signed prior to entering the play area. I understand that by signing this waiver on the first visit, I authorize Waterlemon Kids, LLC to use it as a continuous waiver, until I provide written notice of its cancellation, for my child’s/children’s ongoing use, and the use of any participant/minor accompanying me that are under my care and supervision, and that all children understand the rules and policies associated with the use of the space.


  1. All personal items can be stored in cubbies before entering the play space. Waterlemon Kids, LLC is not responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen goods.


  1. Socks are required for both children and adults to enter the play space. Socks with grips on the bottom are highly recommended and available for purchase.


  1. No food or drink (including bottled water and beverages) is allowed in the retail, or play areas, including inside the play structures and designated crawler area.


  1. Food and drinks purchased at Waterlemon Kids, as well as outside food and drinks, are only allowed in the café seating area.


  1. The play space is designed for children 5 and under only. Children over 5 are only permitted in the play area during private parties on weekends. For safety reasons, children over 5 years of age, or over 48" tall, are not allowed in the main play structure, slides, or crawler area at any time during open play or private events. The main play structure is accessible by a parent or guardian if necessary, for safety reasons, but the structure is not designed to accommodate any type of adult use.


  1. Waterlemon has a ZERO BULLYING POLICY. Any children that are seen harassing or bullying other children will be politely asked to leave and their day pass will be forfeited.


  1. If you or your child/children are sick, please do not enter the play space. We strive to create a safe, healthy and hygienic environment for everyone.


  1. No drop-off, unloading or double-parking allowed in front of Waterlemon Kids.


  1. No cake cutting, or organized parties/events are allowed during the week while the space is open to the public for play.


  1. No painting, coloring, or arts & crafts setups allowed in the play or café areas at any time.


  1. No face painting, glitter, bubbles, or piñatas allowed.


  1. No pets allowed unless they are service animals (we ask that no animals enter the main play structure. Comparable toys are provided at the ground level for this reason).


  1. No smoking or drug use of any kind is allowed.


  1. No liquor during weekday play hours or parties without the prior consent of the owners or the designated Waterlemon Kids, LLC liquor manager.


  1. Children always remain the responsibility of their accompanying adult.


  1. No outside toys are allowed in the play area.


  1. No climbing up the slides, or side of the main play structure.


  1. No standing on tables, chairs, or any of the furniture.


  1. Any misuse of the equipment, toys, or fixtures is prohibited and must be reported to a Waterlemon Kids, LLC staff member.


As consideration for being allowed to enter the play area and participate in any parties, programs, and events offered at Waterlemon Kids, LLC, I, the Host, agree to release, waive, discharge, and hold harmless Waterlemon Kids, LLC , it's officers, agents, independent contractors, instructors, insurance companies, landlords, and all employees past or present from any claims, suits, liabilities, judgments, costs and expenses for any lost, stolen or damaged property, including court costs and attorneys' fees that may incur due to my participation in said activities and use of the space, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, to the fullest extent allowed by law,  including all claims, actions, liabilities, losses, costs, and expenses arising out of any actual or alleged (a) bodily injury, illness (including COVID19 and influenza) , death, damage to property or other loss arising out of or in any way related to my use of the Waterlemon Kids, LLC facility and equipment, including but not limited to the play space, retail area, cafe, restrooms, parking lot, land area, whether that use is supervised or unsupervised, however the injury, loss, or damage is caused, resulting or claimed to result, in whole or in part, from any actual or alleged act or omission of the Host or their guests. 

I acknowledge that I have fully read, understand and agree to the terms of this document, all the policies, rules and guidelines connected with the use of the facility.

I understand that by signing below I have given up substantial rights for myself and any minor for which I am responsible for that is entering the facility with me, whether named or unnamed on this document and am voluntarily signing this document without inducement.

I hereby agree to be bound by the terms related to the Assumption of Risk, Waiver, and Release from Liability document.