Valentine's Day Balloon Box


All 3 Valentine's Day balloon boxes come with a custom-made, oversized candy heart message sticker affixed to the front. All boxes are filled with helium-filled balloons in colors that correspond to the sticker colors as well as air-filled balloons at the bottom of the box. Balloons in photos may vary based on availability. Helium-filled balloons can come tied to a weight or can be left "weightless" which would allow them to float out and up to the ceiling upon removal of the box top. The weight is the default option if nothing is specified in the order notes upon check out.



  • Be Mine
  • Squeeze Me
  • I Love You



*Pick ups must be made during normal business hours

  • Free in-store pickup (must have a minivan or large SUV)
  • Balloons should NOT stay outdoors for more than a few minutes as they will begin to deflate in the cold weather. 
  • Balloon boxes should be picked up the day you want to gift them, not day before as helium has a short lifespan.



  • Color substitutions cannot be made
  • No refunds or exchanges once your order is placed 


3 pieces in stock

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