Holiday Gift Guide For Kids Under $30

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Under $30
There are the gifts we splurge on and those we don't - this list is the latter! But what they "lack in pricetag" they make up for in cuteness. Here's our Gift Guide for Items Under $30 - I hope you find something you love! Just a reminder, WE SHIP! So if you have a friend or family member outside of IL, we can get it to them same-day. Happy Shopping!
Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Under $30
1. Wooden Stacking Toys - Our stacking rings are specially designed to support your child’s cognitive abilities and are a super-fun game for toddlers ages 2 and up.
2. Nice-ish Christmas Sweatshirt - Not just cozy but so cute for pics!
3. Holly Llama - Plush and adorable - what more should a stuffie be?!
4, Tutu - Tutu's win everytime - they love wearing them and you love how cute they look in them. All tutu's are only $20 always. 
5. Christmas Tree Holiday Stacking Toy -This festive Christmas toy will help parents and littles create special memories they will cherish for years to come! 
6. Wooden Cookie Toy These boxes for kids include everything they need for a complete and fun experience.
7. Wooden Tractor - We love wooden toys around here and this tractor is no exception and will only get better with age!
8. Fuzzy Fairy Wands - Poof, they're a princess! So soft, so cute - perfect stocking stuffer!
9. Baby Llama Finger Book - Vivian adored these as a baby and they're one of our best-sellers. Cute on its own or as part of a larger gift!
Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Under $30
10. Snails Lipgloss and Nail Polish -  Get glam with your girl with these super cute lipglosses and nail polishes which are water-based and safe for little hands. 
12. Fried Chicken Van - Beep beep, we'll take 2 legs and a wing! And a cute toy.
13. Snaccidents Happen Happy Snacker -  Fill it up with all the treats and he'll look adorable digging in. 
14. Oh What Fun Sweatshirt - The holidays are fun, so is this sweatshirt! Quantities are limited!
15. Alligator Big & Little Wooden Roller - A sweet little push toy that will look adorable on their toy shelf too!
16. Santa Baby Beanie - CANNOT KEEP THESE IN STOCK. That's all. 
17. Stitch Knit Blanket - Gimme all the warm blankies! Comes in blue and pink.