What you need to know before coming

PRIAVTE PLAY is by appointment only in the 9am, 11am, and 1pm time slots.
OPEN PLAY is being offered at 3pm.
You can reserve your spot on our Play & Party RSVP Calendar by selecting your desired day and time. Please be sure to read our full COVID guidelines before booking. 

All adults and children over 2 years old do not need to wear masks in the retail, play or cafe areas if they have not been vaccinated.

Due to the nature of private rentals, you may take your masks off once you are seated in the cafe and play areas. 

If you have not been vaccinated, we ask that you keep your mask on during any open play sessions as well as in our retail area. 

The main play area is designed to entertain children ages 5 and under. We also have a separate play space for infants and crawlers to explore!!!

Children of all ages are welcome in the space during this phase. However, we just ask that the older children and adults not use the playhouse or slides due to height (45") and weight (45lbs.) restrictions. 

We are a socks only facility for both children and adults. No bare feet or shoes please in the play space.


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Mon - Fri: 9:00AM, 11:00AM, 1:00PM, 3:00PM
Sat- Sun: Will be announced at the beginning of each month if there are no private parties booked.
click here to book play!

Private Play can only accommodate up to 12 people total.

Reservations for private play must be made online. Walk-ins will only be permitted on a first come first serve basis if there are no prior bookings.

Open Play is available now only in the 3pm time slot where multiple families and walk-ins can join.

Waterlemon is closed on New Years Day, Memorial Day,
Easter Sunday, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving,
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day


To reserve a spot for play you must book a private rental on our booking calendar on our website. The fee for a private family rental is $45 for up to 6 people and $75 for 7-12 people during summer months. 

We are not able to accommodate groups larger than 12 people at this time. 

If you arrive late we unfortunately will not be able to extend play, reschedule, or reimburse your booking. Due to capacity limits and COVID guidelines, play times must start and stop promptly to allow Waterlemon employees ample time to clean and disinfect between play groups.

Open play means you can walk in without a reservation. This is not a private rental so other families can also walk in and share the space. Admission is $10/child regardless of their age. There is no charge for adults. Older children and adults may not use the slides or play structure for safety reasons.

Reservations for play are non-refundable and cannot be credited or rescheduled once booked. Please double check the day and time before making payment. 

By proceeding with the reservation you agree to the terms and conditions of purchase, our COVID Guidelines, as well as the conditions outlined in our standard play waiver.


  • Socks are required for both children and adults before entering the play space. We highly recommend socks with grips on the bottom. Socks are available for purchase at the front desk should you forget to bring them! Sorry, no bare feet or shoes 
  • A waiver must be signed prior to entering the play area.
    Waterlemon is a supervised-play facility. Children must be watched by an accompanying guardian. 
  • All personal items must be kept at your table or designated cubby area before entering the play space. Waterlemon Kids, LLC is not responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen goods.  
  • No drop-off, unloading or double-parking is allowed in front of Waterlemon.  
  • Waterlemon has a ZERO BULLYING POLICY. Any children seen harassing or bullying other children will be politely asked to leave and their day pass will be forfeited without refund.  
  • We love animals! However, no pets are allowed unless they are service animals.  
  • No smoking, alcohol or drug use of any kind is allowed at any time in or around the premises. 
  • If you or your child/children are sick, we kindly ask that you please do not enter the play space out of consideration to the other guests and staff!   
  • Food and drinks are allowed in the café seating. Outside food and beverages are allowed. No food or drink is permitted in the play space at any time!  
  • We kindly ask that no outside toys be brought into the play area.   
  • No cake-cutting, gift giving, or organized parties/events are allowed during play time unless you book a Petite Party with us. Please inquire about party bookings if you are interested in celebrating an event!   
  • No painting, coloring or arts & crafts setups are allowed in the play area or café seating areas at any time. This applies to private events as well.  
  • Please no face painting, glitter, bubbles, or piñatas allowed.  
  • Please no climbing up the slides or the main play structure at any time.  
  • No standing on tables, chairs or any of the furniture.