Holiday Gift Guide For Little Boys

A photo of a toddler boy playing at Waterlemon Kids with the ice cream cart
I might not have a son of my own, but I do have two little nephews whom I love shopping for! And always keep them in mind whenever I shop for Waterlemon - would Jack or Luke like this? If the answer is yes, it makes the cut. This Christmas Boys gift guide is full of cute things that I would like to think any little boy in your life would love. From trucks to hoppers puzzles and even tea sets there’s a little something for everyone. 
Gift Guide For Little Boys
1. Cash Register Playset - This cute little wooden cash register comes with a scanner and cash - so adorable!
2. Circus Train Set The cutest play set ever - life's a circus, play like an animal!
3. 80 pc Dino Puzzle Fun for the whole family and great for long, cold winter nights. 
4. Construction Tin Coffee Set Who says boys don't like tea parties? Not us! 
5.  Morton the Moose -  Soft, fuzzy and cute - we call him "Marty" :) 
6. Santa and Friends Holiday Pajamas SO soft and so cute - runs true to size or a hair big. 
7. Do You Know? Dinosaurs and the Prehistoric World Book We love books and we love dino's - and so will he with this really cool book that'll look great on his shelf too. 
8. Pretzel Van Salt or no salt, this little toy is the cutest. 
9. Good Banana Burger Chef Water Game -  Say it with me: OLD SCHOOL. The whole family will love having this in the toy collection - we like to set a timer and see who can do it fastest. 
Gift Guide For Little Boys
10. Pinball Game Say it with me - OLD SCHOOL! And so cool - a classic they'll love. 
11. Donkey Hopper - Hop to it on this fun toy that is one of our favorites on the Waterlemon play floor. 
12. Dinosaur Umbrella Changes color when it gets wet! Roar!
13. Snaccidents Happen Happy Snacker -  Fill it up with all the treats and he'll look adorable digging in. 
14. Burger Bento Box Perfect for the little one who doesn't want any of his food touching!
15. Water Plat Set - We're months from pool days - but this popular toy will hold him over until then. 
16. Suitcase Series: Fire House - T his 16-piece Fire House has everything for rescuing on the go, including fire fighters, fire trucks, hose, and station pets. 
17. Whale SnapbackJust a cool adjustable hat with whales on it that we LOVE.