The Perfect Kids Party!

A "Happy Birthday" party scene with balloons, banners, gifts, and a table setting

Hi friends!

I'm SOOOOO excited to share with you our very first blog post!!!

My goal is to do two per month (fingers crossed!) with a focus on things I hope this amazing Waterlemon community wants, needs and finds interesting, fun and helpful! And since we're best known for our parties, I figured a blog post on just that would be a great way to kick things off. So here goes!


Planning a kids birthday party is super fun, but it can also be pretty stressful! When I created Waterlemon, I knew I wanted to make that process as easy and enjoyable as I possibly could.

I've learned a LOT over the last 3+ years of watching hundreds of parties unfold and decided it was high-time I shared some of the "tricks of the trade" with all of you.

So, below are the Top 10 things we've found comprise the best parties at Waterlemon (or anywhere, really). 

An Awesome Cake

A mermaid tail cake
A safari theme cake with a number 1 candle and wild animals


Very few things will beat the classic birthday cake as your sweets table centerpiece. Don’t be afraid to make it a part of the decor and not just something you bring out for dessert. It should reflect the birthday party theme and/or color scheme and of course, be yummy! Opt for a special cake topper or candle to give an extra WOW factor! 

Supporting Sweets

Unicorn cupcakes and a cake
Decorated sugar cookies with bears, the number one, and tribal accents

Having sweets other than cake at your party gives people options - and who doesn't love options?! Not to mention, sweets like candy, cupcakes, cake pops or rice krispies surrounding your cake dresses up your sweets table - and they do double duty as themed decor! This is just another way to show off your creativity with food! We love a good dessert moment...candy bar, chocolate fountain, s’mores station…and your guests will love it all, too! And bonus: individual treats not consumed at the party are great for popping into gift bags so you're not stuck with them after the event!

A Memorable Tablescape

A Paris theme tablescape with Eiffel Tower center pieces

The kids table is hands-down where details go to shine and is always the most photographed moment at a party (after the birthday child of course!) From thematic plates, cups + napkins to creative centerpieces (think flowers, books, candy, goodie bags, balloons + more) this is one place to really have some fun and let your (and their!) imaginations run wild!

Kids Activity

A bunch of children's hands forming a circle and showing off their bracelets

At Waterlemon, we're lucky to have a beautiful play area for kids to run about and have a blast while parents kick back with a mimosa or coffee and catch up with friends and family. But since most people don't have playgrounds at home (if you do please invite us over...), it's always a good idea to have an activity planned that will entertain the kiddos! It could be a simple corn hole set, a ball pit, a tattoo-station, bracelet-making class - the list goes on! It will give them something to do and gives adults a nice break to mix and mingle. Just be conscious of the age range of kids attending and make sure it's something practical, entertaining and age appropriate! 

Yummy Food

A buffet of appetizers

It doesn't matter what time of day your party takes place - people will always eat! Whether you go full-blown catering, platters of sandwiches or pastries, small bites or pizzas, your guests big and small will appreciate you offering something! But don't overthink it - these aren't weddings! Keep things simple and try to have something for everyone in case there are allergies. We love "utensil-less" food that can be easily grabbed and consumed standing - it's great for kids on-the-go and the adults chasing after them :) 

Adult Sips

A cocktail making station with fresh fruit and juices

Photo: Pinterest

Even though it’s a kids party, having adult sips lets parents know you’ve thought about them too and appreciate them being there! Whether a mimosa, a coffee bar or signature "mocktail" that ties into the theme - this is an "above and beyond" gesture that will surely be enjoyed and remembered.  

Birthday Boy/Girl Outfit

A little boy dressed for a safari theme party in front of a jungle backdrop

Photo: Pinterest

Your little one should feel extra special at his/her party and a great way to do that is with a new outfit that ties into the theme! Getting them involved in picking it is also a great way to bond + watch their creativity at work. If you can't afford or don't want to go the route of a full-on "outfit" you could always opt for something like a personalized t-shirt or baseball cap! There are plenty of adorable options on sites like Etsy :) And if you really want to take your event to the next level, invite your attendees to get in on the fun and dress in-theme as well! 


An owl paint station

Photo: Pinterest

Whether it's a princess, Disney character, magician, face painter, jewelry maker, balloon artist, painting station (the list goes onnnnn) having entertainment at a party is always a great idea! It breaks things up and of course, provides for great photo ops :) Depending on which route you go - the entertainment may also provide to-go gifts for your guests and let you off the hook for goodie bags :) 

Photo Op Backdrop

The number 1 marquee, with pink balloons around it

Every party needs a place for pix to be snapped! Having a beautiful, fun and maybe even interactive backdrop always draws people in + ensures they get a memorable photo of their time at your event!

Parting Gifts

A "parting gift" of a book wrapped in a bow

We prefer the term "parting gifts" to goodie bags and here's why: it can be really stressful (and time-consuming) to pull bags together! Don't get us wrong - we do love them, but we've also found that often just one item can pack just as big a punch. Maybe it's a book that ties into the theme, a box of yummy chocolates, a bag full of cotton candy tied with a pretty ribbon or a cool pair of sunglasses. Have fun with this - and don't overthink it! Because sometimes, less really can be more. 


So that's it! The Top 10 Things you need to pull off the perfect kids party. Just add loved ones and you're good to go :) 

I hope you found this post helpful and wish you happy celebrating! We'd love you to comment below and tell us what you think of this post and share any add'l tips you have for perfect party throwing! Or even list some vendors you've used and love!

And if you're interested in booking an event with us, you can do so anytime on our website,, come in or call 708-286-6747. We tend to book 6-10 weeks in advance and will sell out every weekend during our busy season of September-May! 

Lastly, be on the lookout for big news regarding our off-site party planning services as well - coming SOON!









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