Are you concerned about your toddler’s safety in outdoor play areas? While these areas are increasingly turning into the wild west, indoor play areas are providing better, safer alternatives. At Waterlemon, we have the best indoor play toys which will give your little one hours of fun in a secure environment.

What are indoor play toys?

These are toys that are safe to use in and made specifically for indoor places. The main difference between these and outdoor toys is that outdoor toys help toddlers develop better gross motor skills, build strong bodies, and promote a healthy weight. Indoor play toys, on the other hand, help toddlers develop excellent motor skills and other soft skills, which enables them to interact effectively with others. Outdoor toys can also be quite destructive indoors.

At our play areas, your child gets the perfect opportunity to meet other kids their age. The toys help them learn how to share with others, make friends, and compromise. The best part is they get to learn in an environment that lets them be toddlers freely without restrictions.

Benefits of letting kids play with indoor toys

Indoor play toys have a host of benefits for your toddler. Among these we include:

  • Promotes imagination – playing with toys stimulates a child’s imagination, allowing them to experience the world in a whole new way. Though they may look simple to an adult, a simple toy helps a child unlock their imagination and be creative.
  • Helps kids learn group play – although learning how to play alone is essential, it is also crucial for the child to also learn to socialize with others. Our play toys give them this opportunity in an environment where there are different children with different personalities, helping them gain an important life skill.
  • Motor skills – playing with toys helps your child fine-tune their motor skills. Our interactive toys help the little ones sharpen their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Toys can be costly. To keep the little one interested, you will also have to add other ones regularly. We save you the need of buying different toys by providing a wide variety which will provide endless entertainment.

Can indoor toys make my baby smarter?

Yes, they can. Research conducted over a two-decade period shows that being surrounded by indoor educational toys can positively affect your toddler’s brain development. We have a wide range of toys to give your kids endless educational fun.

Indoor play areas remain excellent alternatives to outdoor play areas, especially during rainy and cold winter days. Your kids get to play in a safe, clean, fun, colorful, and interactive environment. At Waterlemon, we encourage kids to explore and connect to the world around them. The vast choices of indoor play toys will also have them freely interacting with other kids. 

Are you looking for a play area designed to entertain your five years and under toddlers? One that has play toys that individually meet the entertainment and safety needs of such a tender age? Try us today.