Shopping with kids can be impractical and extremely difficult, which is why we offer exclusive kids indoor play in Chicago for kids under the age of 5. At Waterlemon, you can shop peacefully while your kids keep themselves occupied with fun-filled indoor play.

Taking your kids to indoor play areas

Mothers can't cater to the entertainment needs of children at all times. We offer wholesome indoor play areas for children that are safe and entertaining. Full-time moms can finally lay back and enjoy a cup of coffee or read a book or do some quality shopping while your kid enjoys indoor games.

Children under the age of 3 without any siblings hardly get to socialize with kids of their age. Taking your kids to indoor play spaces is a great way to allow your children to socialize. Indoor play areas offer an excellent platform for you to teach your child valuable skills like sharing, sportsmanship, and selflessness. Our kids' indoor play in Chicago is open from Monday to Friday, and we offer inexpensive monthly membership passes. Call us for more information.

How do you teach your toddler to self-dress?

It takes patience, time, and skills to teach your child how to self-dress. You can start teaching your child to dress up from around 18 months of age, and most kids learn how to dress up before they are three years of age. Start with encouraging your child and allow them to watch and learn. Put on a pair of pants or trousers in front of them so that they can learn by observing.

After you show them how to do it, give them their pants or trousers to try it themselves. Make sure you let them practice with loose outfits, if they stumble at some point, help them out so that they feel accomplished and do not give up on the task. Another way to teach is to show them how to dress up using a doll that has an outfit with buttons, bows, and zips. We have comfortable, easy to wear kids’ outfit. Visit our store today.

How do you buy baby clothes on a budget?

Buy good quality baby clothes that are long-lasting and durable. Watch out for discounts and annual sale at your favorite baby store and make sure you grab the best deals on baby fashion and accessories during this time. You can also buy plus size baby clothes during discounts and offer periods for maximum savings and future use.

Most retailers try to get rid of their winter collection and summer collection during early spring and early fall respectively. During this period, retailers are usually ready to let go of good quality clothes at cheap prices so that they can restock on new collections. Go for baby shopping during these seasons to buy first-class quality clothes at cheap prices.

There are very few locations for kids' indoor play in Chicago, and Waterlemon is a one-stop destination for kids’ entertainment, fashion, toys, and supplies. Call us for more information on bookings for party spaces and kids photo-shoot.