The concept for Waterlemon was born in 2017 when the owners had to search high and low to find a play place for their daughter that was comfortable, stylish, and clean. Needless to say, there were not a lot of options out there in the Chicago area, which sparked a fire in the couple. The idea of Waterlemon is about more than just getting out of the house to do something fun and exciting, but also about having a change of scenery when you need it the most. Becoming parents is one of the most joyous things that we can experience as human beings. However, being cooped up with a small child all day can feel like a torture sentence, especially when they are fussy or stir crazy. Just like that, the idea for Waterlemon was born. It wasn’t long before one couple’s dream became a reality that was helpful for tons of other parents in Chicago.

One of a Kind Concept Store

Waterlemon is a one of a kind concept store that is located in historic downtown Chicago. There is a boutique that includes all of the items that a child could possibly need or want, ranging from toys to party supplies to clothing. A café is available for parents to kick back and relax with a cup of quality coffee while their children that are age five and under enjoy the play place that is full of activities. Waterlemon is a store that is designed to cater to the needs of the whole family. Once you have children, they become a big part of your life, which means that a lot of the activities that you partake in revolve around children. With Waterlemon, you can shop for all the things your kids need and then enjoy a drink with your parent friends while your kids interact together.

Affordable Prices for Any Budget

One of the things that make Waterlemon stand out in the crowd is the fact that you can find a wide selection of children’s items at affordable prices. Raising kids takes a lot of money because there are so many things that they need. At the rate kids grow, providing them with clothing alone can be outrageously expensive if you shop in other places than Waterlemon. At Waterlemon, you can expect great low rates on high quality items that will make your little one look even more adorable than they already are.

Reach Out Today for More Detailed Information

If you are interested in learning more about the inventory of products that you will find at Waterlemon, you should not hesitate to contact our team. We can happily answer any questions that you have about our boutique, café, or play place. Our products include toys, books, gifts, clothing, party supplies, kids tutu and more. Activities and events are always going on at Waterlemon, so you should be sure to check with us, so you do not miss out. Our team is ready and willing to cater to your individual needs.