Play Guidelines


  • Socks are required for both children and adults before entering the play space. We highly recommend socks with grips on the bottom. Socks are available for purchase at the front desk should you forget to bring them!
  • A waiver must be signed prior to entering the play area.
  • Waterlemon is a supervised-play facility. Children must be watched by an accompanying guardian.
  • All personal items must be stored in cubbies before entering the play space. Waterlemon Kids, LLC is not responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen goods.
  • The play space is designed for children 5 and under only. Children over 5 are only permitted in the play area during private parties, however, for safety reasons, they shall not enter the main play structure, slide down the slides or use the crawler area. The main play structure is accessible by a parent or guardian only when necessary for safety reasons, however, the structure is not designed to accommodate any type of adult use!
  • Waterlemon has a ZERO BULLYING POLICY. Any children seen harassing or bullying other children will be politely asked to leave and their day pass will be forfeited without refund.
  • If you or your child/children are sick, we kindly ask that you please do not enter the play space out of consideration to the other guests and staff!
  • Food and drinks are allowed in the café seating area only. No food or drink is permitted in the play space at any time! 
  • No drop-off, unloading or double-parking is allowed in front of Waterlemon.
  • We kindly ask that no outside toys be brought into the play area. 
  • No cake-cutting or organized parties/events are allowed during the week while the space is open to the public
  • No painting, coloring or arts & crafts setups are allowed in the play area or café seating areas at any time. This applies to private events as well. 
  • Please no face painting, glitter, bubbles, or piñatas allowed.
  • Please no climbing up the slides or the main play structure at any time.
  • No standing on tables, chairs or any of the furniture.
  • We love animals! However, no pets are allowed unless they are service animals.
  • No smoking, alcohol or drug use of any kind is allowed at any time in or around the premises. 

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