There are several playgrounds in Chicago, including Waterlemon's premier indoor playground. Waterlemon is a concept store located in downtown La Grange, Illinois.  There is also a boutique that offers children's clothes, toys, and gifts. You owe it to yourself to stop and peruse The Waterlemon's Store today.

Why Go To An Indoor Playground?

Indoor playgrounds are perfect for you and your young child or children when the weather is bitterly cold, too hot or you want to sit down and relax with your friends. They are the perfect place for play dates and offer a controlled environment for your little ones. All indoor playgrounds are different, but they will have a set of Play Guidelines or Rules you will need to have your children follow. Most rules are for safety purposes but not all.  Not all the rules listed below will pertain to the indoor playground you patronize, but they are basic guidelines. 


  • Socks are to be worn by both adults and children.
  • Personal items must be stored in a cubby before entering the playground.
  • There will be age requirements. If your child is too old or too young, they are not allowed to use the playground.
  • You must sign a waiver.
  • An adult must accompany children.
  • No sick children are allowed.
  • No outside toys.
  • Food and drinks are allowed only in the cafe area.
  • There is no climbing on the outside of the play structures at any time.
  • No pets unless they are service animals.
  • Do not allow your children to stand on tables, chairs, or furniture.
  • No smoking, drug use, alcohol of any kind is allowed on the premises.
  • We have a ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying and mistreating other children.

Can I Have My Child’s Birthday Party At An Indoor Playground?

You are looking for a place to throw a birthday party? Indoor playgrounds in Chicago are perfect if you live in the area. You can book the venue for your party. Choose an available time slot and get a set of our "party guidelines."  Parties take place in the cafe and play area. We do not allow food or drink in the play area. You are entitled to decorate and bring cake or food of your choice. No arts and crafts projects are permitted. All guests must sign a waiver. Hosts are responsible for cleaning up after the party. A deposit is required. Smoking, drugs, vaping, or alcohol is not permitted on the premises. 

What Can Adults Do AT Indoor Playgrounds?

If you go to playgrounds in Chicago, you will find Waterlemon's Store a lot of fun. Adults can sit and visit with their friends and watch their little ones play, have a cup of coffee, tea or a soft drink. The indoor playground is for children under five years of age and is a controlled environment. This controlled atmosphere allows you to relax.  Come shop in our specialty boutique, and you will find unique clothes, toys, and party supplies.

Make your child's party extraordinary and book a party at Waterlemon's playground in Chicago.