Grey Bunny hopper

*Giddy-up the Hearthsong Bouncy Inflatable Animal Jump-Along. *These animals are like a cloudy rainbow or a rainbowy cloud—an endless amount of magic, jumping, and fun. *The 28” L x 13.5” W x 17.5” H bouncy hopper is made of durable, heavyweight PVC body yet soft to the touch. Its feet are sturdy and its ears are easy to clutch. * It includes a birth certificate, proving it’s your pet and yours alone. *Easily pump up your bouncy friend (hand pump included) and jump on it as much as desired. *Have a race or an entire marathon. Your bouncy triceratops hopper lets you horn in on your strength, balance, coordination, and confidence skills while you bounce on it. Now that’s what I call a hop-hop-hurray! Why not adopt a whole zoo? We’ve got a Unicorn, Grey Bunny, and Fox Bouncy, each including a unique birth certificate. Jump on one, jump on them all, and jump with your friends together Great for ages 12 months to 5 years old.

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