Dino Pop It

1. Dinosaur-themed Pop it Fidget Toys For Kids and Adults. 2. T-rex Bubble Fidget toy is made of high-grade silicone that’s safe and durable. 3. This Pop it Fidget Toy is a great attraction for your toy shop, boutique, and online website. 4. The 9*8 inch with 0.24lb weight is LARGE, for extra fun and suitable for everyone. 5. Nowadays, the popular game is that players take turns to press any number of bubbles in a row and the player who presses the last one will lose. JSBlueRidge is a well-known wholesale brand in the fidget toy market. Big Size Dinosaur Pop it Fidget toy Popping together with kids or parents, increases intimacy. Besides Bubble Fidget Toy is an intelligent game that can exercise children's mathematical thinking and help delay elderly brain degeneration. It's a good helper to relieve anxiety. It is perfect for birthday parties, Christmas, holidays, Impulse gifts, rewards. This best-seller toy can easily be sold on amazon and your retailer website.

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